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About the Sync Project

We all know the expression. And we think we know what it means. But do we?

People have always responded to music. Not just emotionally, but biologically. Yet, we are only now discovering that music may be capable of much more.

Research has shown that music has a profound effect on the brain, triggering neural networks related to movement, cognition, learning, memory and emotion.  We know it can help with things like pain, fatigue, anxiety and sleeplessness.

There are intriguing examples of how music can improve cognition after dementia or a stroke. It can help some with autism break through verbally or socially, or aid patients with Parkinson’s to regulate their gait.

What scientists, clinicians, musicians and engineers want to understand is how. How does music do that? And how much more can music do? If music can reach us physically, and we can find a way of decoding what music does, could we use music to improve health?

We believe it can. And that's why we’ve started The Sync Project.