Musicstage NYCGB Seasonal Course Staff (National Youth Choirs of Great Britain)

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  • Posted On : Nov 22, 2016
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  • Description : NYCGB is welcoming applications from suitable persons aged 19+ who are interested in joining the organisation's team of seasonal course staff for Spring and Summer 2017.
  • Location : Various locations

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  • Job title Various positions
  • Salary & benefits All staff members receive food, board and travel expenses and each post attracts a stipend which is relative to the staff role undertaken.
  • Full time/part time Part time
  • Contract type Project-based
  • Job location Various

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  • Job description NYCGB as an organisation continues to grow, consequentially it is essential for us to continue recruiting staff in order to accommodate this expansion. As such, we welcome applications from suitable persons aged 19+ who are interested in joining our team. Each year we carefully review applications before sending out invitations to individuals to staff a course. We look particularly for people who are already equipped with some leadership, teaching or choral training and safeguarding experience.

    Working as an NYCGB Staff member is a challenging but hugely rewarding experience. It is an opportunity to develop new skills, gain some useful CV points and to support the ongoing work of the organisation, as well as experiencing all the fun and camaraderie that is part of any NYCGB course.

    We pride ourselves on our ethos, and as such, perhaps the most important attributes are flexibility and a willingness to be a good team-player. Problems and issues that arise in a course environment often cannot be planned for in advance, on such occasions it is necessary for everyone to help in whatever way is required of them.
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  • Additional information The roles
    We are looking for:
    • Course Assistants
    • Section Leaders
    • Senior Pastoral Carers
    • Senior Pastoral Carer/Head of House
    • Course Managers
    • Heads of Pastoral Care

    The positions of Course Managers and Heads of Pastoral Care are roles that dedicated and interested individuals will be trained up to perform on future courses. Initially they will be placed as assistants under the mentorship of the current Course Managers and Heads of Pastoral Care in order to be educated in the requirements of the role.
  • Posted on November 22, 2016


  • How to apply Please visit the NYCGB website for further information (
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  • Application deadline December 31, 2016