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About Drums for Schools

At Drums for Schools, our over-riding aim is to help spread music-making by making it possible for anyone, whatever their age and ability, to get actively involved in music and to enjoy all the physical, mental and social benefits that go along with it.

That's what we're here for and it means that:

  • we specialise in easy-to-play instruments

  • we're constantly improving our instruments and inventing new ones

  • we keep our prices as low as we possibly can

  • we give big discounts to schools and educational users

We try and do the above in as ethical and friendly a way as possible, namely:

  • we respect Fairtrade guidelines in everything we do

  • we use natural, sustainable and recycled materials wherever we can

  • we try and reuse packaging and minimise wastage

  • we make service and customer satisfaction our No 1 priority